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MMI/Pfizer Workshop - MOLECULES TO MEDICINES - How Biopharma Delivers

Title: MMI/Pfizer Workshop - MOLECULES TO MEDICINES - How Biopharma Delivers

Date(s): 6 November 2009

Main Venue:
William Stokes Postgraduate Centre
St James's Hospital , James Street, Dublin 8

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Please note that in order to reflect that Wyeth is now part of Pfizer, the workshop title has been changed to
MMI/Pfizer Workshop -Molecules to Medicines-How Biopharma Delivers

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This MMI/Pfizer 1-day workshop, for 24 participants, comprises discussion of key issues arising during biopharmaceutical discovery, development, and manufacturing. It will include breakout group discussion of specially devised problem sets.

This workshop is open to postgraduate students with research experience (e.g. at least one year into their PhD studies). If you are interested in attending this workshop please send an email indicating your interest to after you have applied online for the lecture course. Attendance at the lecture course on the preceding day (Thu 6 Nov 2009) is compulsory - details are here. The workshop was oversubscribed when it ran last year, so you are advised to apply early. 

Course/Workshop Developers:
Dr Davinder Gill (Assistant Vice President, Biologic Therapeutics, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA, USA)
Dr Brendan Hughes (Director of Development, Pfizer Ireland, Grange Castle)
Dr Mark Leonard (Director, Gene Expression Technologies, Pfizer BioPharma Campus, Andover, MA, USA)

Comments from participants on last year's Workshop:

''Good insight into the industry and the drug discovery process. Useful workshop and group discussions''

''After a brilliant day of lectures the workshop surpassed my expectations. Interacting with staff of Wyeth has been a brilliant experience and I am very glad I attended this course''

''I will really recommend this course to future colleagues''

WORKSHOP: Friday 6 November

0930 Introduction to the workshop: key issues in discovery, development, and manufacturing
1020 Tea/Coffee
1040 Issues in discovery: defining the breakout session problem set
1120 Breakout session 1: issues in discovery
1200 Breakout session 1 feedback
1240 Lunch break (lunch will be provided)
1320 Issues in development: defining the breakout session problem set
1400 Breakout session 2: issues in development
1440 Breakout session 2 feedback
1520 Coffee/Tea
1540 Issues in manufacturing: defining the breakout session problem set  
1620 Breakout session 3: issues in manufacturing
1700 Breakout session 3 feedback
 1740 Discussion: key learnings
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Workshop Instructors
Workshop Instructors comprise key personnel from Pfizer

Dr Paul Dillon (Senior Scientist, Pfizer Grange Castle)
Dr Jonny Finlay (Research scientist, Global Biologic Therapeutics, Pfizer Grange Castle)
Dr Patrick Gammell (Scientist, Pfizer Grange Castle)
Workshop Sponsor