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MMI/Pfizer Workshop: Molecules to Medicines - How Biopharma Delivers - DAY 2

Title: MMI/Pfizer Workshop: Molecules to Medicines - How Biopharma Delivers - DAY 2

Date(s): 25 November

Main Venue:
MMI Directorate Offices
Newman House, 85 St Stephen's Green (South), Dublin 2

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Online Application Period: email after applying for Day 1



This MMI/Pfizer 1-day workshop, for 20 participants, comprises discussion of key issues arising during biopharmaceutical discovery, development, and manufacturing. It will include breakout group discussion of specially devised problem sets.


Comments from participants on a previous run of the Workshop:

"Extremely insightful, would recommend people to go to the workshop in addition to the lectures as it was more helpful to understand the speakers role within the Biopharma Company"

"Really good. Problems force you to really think about how it works"

1000 Introduction to the workshop: key issues in discovery, development, and manufacturing
1015 Issues in discovery: defining the breakout session problem set
1045 Coffe Break
1105 Breakout session 1: issues in discovery
1145 Breakout session 1 feedback
1225 Lunch break (lunch will be provided)
1310 Issues in development: defining the breakout session problem set
1340 Breakout session 2: issues in development
1420 Breakout session 2 feedback
1500 Coffee/Tea
1520  Issues in manufacturing: defining the breakout session problem set
1550 Breakout session 3: issues in manufacturing
1630 Breakout session 3 feedback
1710 Discussion: key learnings
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To apply:

In the first instance this workshop is open to postgraduate students with research experience (e.g. at least one year into their PhD studies). If places are available we will open attendance to postdoctoral staff also. If you are interested in attending this workshop please send an email indicating your interest to after you have applied online for the lecture course.

Attendance at the lecture course on the preceding day is compulsory - details are here.

Please note that you must first apply for the lecture course (Please see under ''Applications open'' on the forthcoming course page). Then apply separately for this workshop.


Workshop Instructors comprise key personnel from Pfizer

The Molecules to Medicines Course and Workshop were originally initiated in 2006 as a collaboration with Wyeth Biopharma. They were first developped and delivered by Dr Davinder Gill (then Assistant Vice President, Biologic Therapeutics, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA, USA), Dr Brendan Hughes (then Director of Development, Wyeth Medica Ireland, Grange Castle) & Dr Mark Leonard (then Director, Gene Expression Technologies, Wyeth BioPharma Campus, Andover, MA, USA).


Tour of Pfizer Grange Castle Facility


Following on from the MMI/Pfizer Molecules to Medicines-How Biopharma delivers Lecture Course (24 November) and Workshop (25 November), we are delighted to organise a free visit to the Pfizer Grange Castle Facilities, Dublin 22, on Thursday 26 November.

Participants will travel by bus from a meeting point in the city centre to Pfizer Grange Castle (and back). The visit will take place in the afternoon (time to be confirmed), and will cover:

  • a facility video presentation
  • a facility tour
  • a round table discussion with course instructor(s)

Should you be interested, please let us know when applying for the workshop (please see below).

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