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CRDI Course: Techniques & Strategies in Molecular Medicine

Title: CRDI Course: Techniques & Strategies in Molecular Medicine

Date(s): 5 & 6 December 2017

Main Venue:
Stanley Quek lecture theatre, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute
Trinity College Dublin, Pearse Street, Dublin 2

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Online Application Period: 06 Nov - 01 Dec 2017

This course, running over 2 full days, is designed to give bioscientists and clinicians a broad overview of research techniques and their application. Basic molecular biology laboratory experience is assumed, but you should not need prior knowledge of the techniques covered in the course.

The objective for postgraduate teaching is to give students a broad basic knowledge of bioscience research techniques and technologies, including those not currently used in their own project/laboratory that may be of future use. We recommend that postgraduate students attend the whole course (CRDI Course Attendance Certificates are only provided for complete attendance).

Course Fees

  • CRDI Partner Institutions:
    Postgraduate student, postdoctoral researcher, or member of staff in NUI Galway, RCSI, TCD, UCC, UCD and affiliated hospitals: Free of charge
  • Other Institutions:
    Academic Rate:  Free of charge*
    Non-academic rate: 600 Euros

* Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we are delighted to offer this course free of charge for all academics

The registration charges do not include accommodation or travel. Please contact for further information


Tuesday 5 December
Session Chair: Dr Ross McManus (TCD)
9.20 Next-generation Sequencing
Dr Elaine Kenny (TCD)
10.00 EPIGENETICS & EPIGENOMICS: Experimental Design, Execution & Analysis 
Dr Antoinette Perry (UCD)
10.40 Research and Clinical Applications of NGS
Dr Denise Harold
11.20 Tea/Coffee
11.40 Stem cell technology in disease modelling and therapy
Dr Cynthia Coleman (NUI Galway)
12.20 Manipulating the Rodent Genome Using Transgenic and Gene Targeting Techniques
Dr Tom Moore (UCC)
13.00 Lunch
Session Chair: Dr Henry Windle (TCD)
13.50 Protein Expression and Purification
Dr Henry Windle (TCD)
14.30 Immunodetection Methods on Cell and Tissue Extracts
Dr Ann Hopkins (RCSI)
15.10 Tea/Coffee
15.30 Fluorescence microscopy based high-content screening: Turning pixels into quantitative data
Dr Eugene Dempsey (UCD)

Abstracts and Useful Literature

Wednesday 6 December
Session Chair: Dr Alfonso Blanco (UCD)
09.20 Model Organisms
Dr Alison Reynolds (UCD)
10.00 Translational fMRI Functional Connectomics
Dr Clare Kelly (TCD)
10.40 Flow Cytometry, Cell Sorting and Flow Imaging
Dr Alfonso Blanco (UCD)
11.20 Tea/Coffee
11.40 Imaging Using Fluorescent/Confocal Microscopy
Dr Gavin McManus (TCD)
12.20 Systems Medicine - what it is and where we are
Dr Manuela Salvucci (RCSI)
13.00 Lunch
Session Chair: Dr Ricardo Segurado (UCD)
13.50 Polymorphisms Associated with Disease
Dr Ricardo Segurado (UCD)
14.30 Mass Spectrometry in Biological Research
Prof Matthias Wilm (UCD)
15.10 Tea/Coffee
15.30 Application of Proteomics for new Biomedical Discoveries
Prof Steve Pennington (UCD)
 1610 Cellular Oxygen Consumption as an index of Metabolic Activity
Prof Richard Porter (TCD)


Abstracts and Useful Literature